Onboard and connect your members

Community Hive is an online space that lets your members stand out and connect with each other. If your members sell products and services, you can help grow their revenue by enabling the marketplace.

Automate onboarding

Welcome your members and automate the onboarding process

Let members be found

Provide a unique landing page to your members to present their company, products and services

Track interest

Keep track of visits, compares, downloads, favourites and comments on member profile pages

Grow partnerships

Facilitate peer to peer interactions and sharing of insights

Step 1: Automate onboarding and qualification

Custom forms help guide your members to provide information that can be used to make sure there's a good fit and you can meet and exceed on expectations.

Step 2: Give members access to their profile, landing page setup and enablement resources

Enable your customers to enjoy low friction trough portal that provides access to their profile, orders and interactions, as well as enablement resources and training materials.

Step 3: Interactive pages for your members

Provide your members with an interactive microsite for their company that they can customise and enrich to help other learn more about their company.
Stimulate peer to peer connections by providing options to send a message, book a meeting or request a quote right from the member page.

Step 4: Facilitate and grow interactions

Provide a directory that makes it fast and easy to serach, find and engage with members.

Step 5: Create and share resources

You and your members can create, and share resources such as articles, announcements, white papers, tutorials and checklists.

You can add labels and tags to make specific resources easy to find for your members.


When is Community Hive expected to drop?

We are currently working to launch in August 2021

How will this work with my existing CRM?

Our API lets you connect member, company and deal fields from to the corresponding fields in your CRM to enable two-way syncronisation. Any time you or your customer changes something, your records can be automatically updated.

Can I work with my existing member database?

Yes, we can import your existing member database.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Community Hive is a SaaS platform with a pay-as-you-go billing model. There are no cancellation fees. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.

Is my data safe?

Ensuring the availability and reliability of is a top priority, along with keeping all user data safe and secure. Our servers are hosted on the Google cloud platform. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.

What are the support hours?

24 x 5 support during CEST is included for all users. You can ping us from the chat icon from within the platform or email us at support@sfindr.com

Do you offer a free trial?

Once you sign up, you will start your 14-day free trial. Onboarding will be offered to help ensure a smooth experience. At the end of the 14 days, you will move to “partner” status and billing will start.

What can I do on the free trial?

No worries, book a free demo and we will give you access to all the features and functionality that Community Hive has to offer.


Community Hive comes in three editions. Feel free to book a meeting to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

PricingCall usCall usCall us
Amount of members included in the base fee100250500
Enable lead generation for your members
Share knowledge and insights with resources🚫
Automate workflows with Zapier connected Apps🚫
Member marketplace to showcase your members products and services 🚫🚫
Enable members to connect Stripe Checkout to their product pages 🚫🚫
API access for building custom workflows🚫🚫

All prices are monthly and exclude any VAT where applicable.